Case Study #4: LSU Community Playground Project

Building a playground

Affiliation: Louisiana State University

Date of Project: 1998 – Present

Partners: A variety of local organizations depending on the location of the project

Goal or Aim:  The LSU Community Playground Project has been in existence since 1998 to provide children in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities with safe, fun, accessible playgrounds that the children themselves help to design.

Why Pursue this?: LSU Biological Engineering students are required to take a Service Learning design class in which students are

Placing posts for a playground
Placing posts for a playground

assigned to work with a local public school to design a playground that encompasses the soul of the community. The design, funding, and construction processes engage elementary students, parents, teachers, and school staff. LSU faculty, staff, and students have worked alongside their community partners to address the community needs, demonstrating a commitment to work with the community, rather than simply providing a product for the community.

What is the impact of the program?:   “Playgrounds are giving kids the resources and access they need to be safe and have fun,” said Tony Daigle, a graduate student in biological engineering and

Resting after a long day
Resting after a long day

graduate assistant to Dr. Marybeth Lima, director, Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership (CCELL) and professor, biological and agricultural engineering. “People from all different backgrounds came together today to make a difference.”

Adapted from LSU College of Engineering Website and Community Playground Project Website

Sources: LSU College of Engineering,

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